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Our motto this year: Keep it simple, keep it safe.
Think of it as a concert in the park with music from Noon to 8:00pm.

In order to increase safety for all of us, we are making changes to the way we have done this festival in the past. We reduced it from an all day event to an afternoon and evening of music and we are expanding the listening space so that people will be able to be safely distant. Over the 44 years that we have sponsored this festival and other concerts, our audience has been respectful and we expect kindness and consideration.

The festival will be held in the Dickson Township Park in Brethren, Michigan on June 17, Noon to 8:00 pm

2023 Headliner: Peter Yarrow

We are happy to announce that Peter Yarrow will be headlining our 45th Folk Festival.

“Yes, it will be nostalgic for many. But on another level, it will bring them a sense of what is still possible. Yes, they will sing ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane,’ and I will give them a sense of the current history of what this music is doing, and why it’s important. So it will be a history lesson, it will be a singalong that inspires, but it will also assert the importance of the continuation of this kind of music in people’s lives today. And where we’re going from here in those terms. It’s not necessarily a big lecture — it’s inherent in the music. They’ll get it. I know it, ’cause that’s what I do.”
– Peter Yarrow

There is no admission charge but donations are needed. COVID guidelines will be determined by our regiona health department.

The Spirit of the Woods Music Association is simply a group of folks who love traditional music and get together to do the necessary work to bring musicians and music lovers together. Since 1978 we have put on an annual music festival, the Spirit of the Woods Folk Festival, held at the Dickson Township Park in Brethren, Michigan, the third Saturday in June.

Spirit of the Woods also presents concerts, dances, open mics, and special events during the fall and winter months.

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